Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anthromadness News and things to come

In light of what could be considered a bit of slump these last weeks in terms of my activity; I've decided to hopefully start working on this blog a good degree more. I've also decided to open up a new sub-blog of sorts.

Anthromadness News

Anthromadness News will operate a good degree like how Dienekes' Blog often does nowadays; I'll mostly just share a new and interesting study/paper on population genetics, history, linguistics or archaeology on there with often nothing more than its abstract or an excerpt along with a possible image from the study/paper and perhaps some short notes on my part as to what the paper could entail (I'll likely only ever do this rarely):

Like with the above three examples it'll be a good chance for me to spread around some studies/papers I have almost no intention of commenting on over at this blog (in detail, at least) or at times; said paper may just be "pay-walled" and it would be somewhat of a breach of copyright for me to share too much on some of its details until the pay-wall is lifted. Though I could easily create my usual sort of blog post on a study/paper's data a while after I share it on Anthromadness News.

As for this blog; I have decided to edit it up a bit if you haven't noticed. The old Leonardo Da Vinci sketch background is gone as is the old template and while this particular template is very sleek and simplistic which is to my liking; it does indeed feel as though I'm somewhat "imitating" David over at Eurogenes or Dienekes's blog.

While I do like the simplicity of this current theme; I will try and work on giving this blog back a bit of its own flavor/identity perhaps with a custom made banner and a logo or even a new background and paid for theme at some point. I'll see. 

You'll also notice new features like the new "followers"/ members feature (go ahead and follow... I have noticed that I do have a consistent following via page views) and the blogroll where I'm recommending a handful of genome blogs I really approve of. Granted, this doesn't mean I agree with the authors of those blogs on everything (f.e. I don't at all agree with Dienekes' belief that Anatolia is where the Indo-European languages originated) but they've done stellar work in many regards and this is me expressing some respect.

I also highly recommend Anthrogenica which is about the only anthro/genome forum I've come across not teaming with mentally unstable people, bigots and trolls; it's a very good place to discuss population genetics, anthropology and linguistics without having to come across any unsightly characters. Many of the members there are also immensely knowledgeable with a few even having studied (or are studying) things like Medical Genetics or Linguistics so you can learn quite a bit.

As for actual posting well... I've got many things cooking up. For those of you who were intrigued by the whole Dobon et al. debacle well... I'm actually still working on getting ADMIXTURE results and even more PCAs for those Sudanese samples. It'll take quite a bit of time to get all this done on my own but if you're truly still interested in those samples; stay tuned. 

On the other hand; I've also got my hands on the GEDmatch kit no. of a Sudanese Arab bloke and am working on getting the raw genotype data of a Nubian woman (both are not involved with Dobon et al.). I've found through the Sudanese Arab so far that much of his results seem to somewhat back up what we've learned via Dobon et al.'s samples and once I'll touch on both his various ADMIXTURE results and the Nubian woman's results in due time. [note]

A bit of a tease of the results to come. The Tigrinya is an Eritrean friend of mine and somewhat of an old "mentor" of sorts to me, I'm Awale/ a rather typical ethnic Somali and that's of course the Sudanese Arab I'm in contact with. 

The above ADMXITURE results were acquired via GEDmatch (Eurogenes K36 calculator) and are in some cases a bit prone to the infamous Calculator Effect like with how we all show "East African" (in this run that's a component that peaks in Maasais) so the above results are not at all 100% accurate but I'll touch upon what these results and various others (including those of the Nubian woman) mean in due time, this is again; just a tease

As for other posts; some may have noticed that my very first ever blog post about "Race" is also gone (I haven't deleted it and it's archived elsewhere as well) and well... I'm essentially going to come out with a much more comprehensive, accurate and perhaps even more hulking post to replace it with and once that's out I'll consider still making a link to the old post available.

A good Anthrogenica post I'll be sharing in my re-modelling of my first ever blog post

I'll also be coming out with various other posts with completely different subject matters from the ones that'll be on Horner & Sudanese genetics or the re-modelling of my very first blog post so stay tuned. I've been a little inactive lately and just wanted to briefly touch upon somethings to come and some of this blog's new features.


1. For those curious; the Haplogroups of the three Northeast Africans would be Y-DNA E-V32 & mtDNA N1a for me/Awale, Y-DNA E-V32 & mtDNA T for my Tigrinya compatriot and Y-DNA J1e & mtDNA L2c for the Sudanese Arab chap. Our Haplogroup results and raw genotype data were made available to us via 23andme.

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  1. Hi Abdi,

    I would like to know more I am an East African Bantu, and so far on YouTube and many Blogs all I have found is Scientific Racists, fools and outright liars. Your blog is a breath of fresh air since you are an African who is knowledgable about this stuff. I want to find out how to get into this. I am interested in Anthropology and Genetics.