Sunday, December 6, 2015

Enjoy some PCAs

I thought I'd quite randomly share some PCAs (Principal Component Analyses) or what some less familiar with them might call "genetic clusters" in my possession that are owed to David Wesolowski who runs the Eurogenes genome blog and project:

The above is basically a global PCA utilizing about 166,000 SNPs (anything above 100,000, if I recall correctly, is generally considered a high quality analysis) and the following is roughly the same thing but with Maasai people excluded (long story as to why they were excluded; it's nothing very interesting, hold off on the weird theories):

Below is a sort of intra-East African PCA where myself and a fellow ethnic Somali friend of mine are included (he's of the Isaaq clan with the Y-DNA marker T-M184 and mtDNA L0a1a, he's labeled as "Brainblaster" & is included in the above two PCAs alongside myself as well):

Various different dimensions for the PCA set-up above:

I'm unaware as to the exact number of SNPs utilized for these more "intra-East African" PCAs but they're certainly high coverage (over 100,000 SNPs) at minimum. If I had to add one more note I'd remind some that my own Y-DNA marker is E-V32 whilst my mtDNA marker is N1a.


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