Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Benadiris and the story isn't changing

Well, I was contacted a while back by a Benadiri of a different tribe than the two whose samples I had acquired prior then wrote about here and interestingly... :

... the story hasn't changed, so to speak. This Benadiri seems to be 35-40% "African" & 60-65% Eurasian on a fundamental level then in terms of more recent ancestry he seems to be roughly 40-50% Horn African (Somali or Somali-related ancestry), ~20% South to South-Central Asian, perhaps less than 5% Southeast African Bantu with the remaining ancestry clearly being West Asian ancestry of perhaps various origins (Arabian, Iranian etc.).

He is also quite clearly related to the two other people whose samples I have despite not knowing them:

Him and the paternally as well as maternally Shanshiyo fellow

Him and the paternally Bravanese but maternally Shanshiyo fellow

It's not very shocking though... I imagine most "Benadiris" and such are interrelated due to endogamy and the relatively small size of their community.

On another note, his ADMIXTURE results are very interesting because he's paternally of a different group (i.e. Tribe) than either of them with his line claiming Arabian descent and the Shanshiyo fellow's claiming Eastern-Iranian/Central-Asian descent yet they all look extremely similar from an autosomal perspective.

They're all most certainly made up of the same base ancestries and are all interestingly ~20% South Asian, something even a run as simple as 23andme's ancestry composition could pick-up about the paternally Bravanese fellow:

Then as all analyses find; all three of them seem substantially Horn-African (Somali and/or Somali-related) at levels of 30-50% of their ancestry. They're more Horn-African than they are Arabian or Iranian, oddly. Yet all three of them posit that they don't really have any or much recent Somali ancestry, positing that most of their ancestries are clearly "old" (centuries old).

The reason I think this is (why they have little recollection of a lot of Somali ancestry despite being so substantially Somali-related) might be the following upon doing some research a while back on the history of Southern Somalia:

As also mentioned above... "Deftextra" (the paternally and maternally Shanshiyo fellow) is aware of at least 3 other Benadiris on AncestryDNA and they too get pretty much the same results on there that he does. Unfortunately though, he hasn't been able to get them to fork-over their raw data from what I've noticed.

If I had to add any further notes; the Hatimi chap claims one of his cousins got tested for his Y-DNA Haplogroup and is of Y-DNA J1 which intriguingly could coincide with his family's claims of paternally Arabian (Hejazi) descent but since AncestryDNA doesn't give us any uniparental data; we don't know what his own Y-DNA and mtDNA markers are. Well, technically the person who contacted me is the brother of the "Hatimi" whose raw data I have so we lack his brother's Y-DNA and mtDNA data which they obviously share.


1. Here is his Gedmatch kit-number: A902267. I'm sharing this so people won't just be taking my word for his ADMIXTURE results in particular.

2. I believe I made a few mistakes when outlining the history of the South in that post (i.e. the Caliphate detail is incorrect as I was a little too trusting by this one book and a source outside of the literature that I found now was wrong on this detail that has no real evidence to it, as far as I can see) and may edit this post a little in the future but I gave it a re-read and most of it seems on-point. Granted, I'd add that the time-period for when the "Ajuran" arose can vary to being beyond the 1200s (I.e. 1300s-1500s).

3. I might make a new post with some more accurate estimates. For now I'd say these samples I have vary between 35-45% Somali/Horn-African, ~20% South Asian, 5-15% SE African Bantu speaker-related with the rest being West Asian ancestry of either Iranian or "Arab" origins or both.

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