Thursday, September 29, 2016

New African samples

I'm surprised I hadn't noticed this paper last year when it came out but someone recently linked me to it and it definitely has some exciting new samples that looked to have been genotyped at a high-resolution.

I've emailed the corresponding author about getting the various new samples like the supposedly sedentary-farmer Somalis from southern Somalia, the West-Central Oromos, the Samburus and the Nubians and Sudanese Arabs because it should be real interesting to see how some of these groups turn out once run through various sorts of PCAs and the like.

The author in question has yet to reply and its been a little while (I may have to contact some other authors) but I'm sure the samples will be out in the open soon enough.

This current post is mostly just for spreading the fact that this paper and its samples are out there. I'll speculate on some of what we have on the new samples soon, either via the paper's own results or once the samples are out and about (or both).


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