Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm not dead

For those wondering... I'm not dead or anything along those lines. I've just been away due to exams (I'm still a university student) and projects as well as other commitments before that. I wish it didn't have to be 2 and a half months of being away but that's how it ultimately turned out.

Nevertheless, I plan to be back real soon with all new posts and more. And by "more" I mean that I plan to go back into old posts and edit them around to be more succinct, straight-forward and, where needed, perhaps also more accurate. 

For example, the page pictured and linked to above used to be quite different over a year ago until I edited it to its current form where I think it's a lot more straight-forward than its prior "cluttered" state (and where it's also more accurate to a certain degree). I'll be doing more of those sorts of "refurbishings" alongside making new posts so do stay tuned.

Thank you,


  1. Awale my dear brother. Thank you for your clear, concise and forensic articles. I think it is a disservice to characterize your scholarly studies and submissions as 'posts' but that is the culture of today's net 'world'. You write exactly like me and I write exactly like you because we are both from Somalia (I presume?). Thank you for your work and its concise clarity in comparison to the word-bloated works of Africans/Europeans. In particular, you are a breathe of fresh air in comparison to the gross Techno writings of Western experts on the same subject (calculated to ensure exclusivity of the science). And you are still so young (you have to write a book).
    Many thanks and Allah Bless.

  2. Awale when will you be discussing the recent nature study on New Kingdom mummies of Ancient Egypt.....